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How to Clean and Maintain The Thermal Break Aluminum Doors and Windows

How to Clean and Maintain The Thermal Break Aluminum Doors and Windows


Sunsia Windows and Doors specialized in windows and doors industry for several years and here give out some skill of Clean and Maintain The Thermal Break Aluminum Doors and Windows.

1. Do not step on the aluminum frame when cleaning the Aluminum Windows and doors, and do not pull the frame for supporting. It easy to wear the doors and windows or cause accident.

2. Thermal break aluminum doors and windows can be used soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent, do not use ordinary soap and detergent, can not use decontamination powder, toilet and other strong acid and alkali cleaning agent, this will corrode the aluminum profile surface.
3. Seal Strip and glass glue is the key structure to seal,to ensure the thermal break of aluminum doors and windows, if there's fall, need repair or replace to timely.
4.Wipe the wet glass and window frames after rain.

5. Always check the connection parts of the aluminum doors and windows frame, tighten the bolts in time, replace the damaged parts. Positioning pin, wind support, to spring and other aluminum doors and windows of the vulnerable parts, to always check, regularly add lubricating oil to keep the windows and door clean and live.

6. When using thermal break aluminum doors and windows, the action should be light, push and pull in its natural; if found difficult,do not pull or push hardly,we should first rule out the problem. Fouling, deformation is the main reason for the difficulty of push and pull of aluminum doors and windows, user need keep the door frame clean, especially push the tank clean. Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the tank and the door closed the fouling.

7. Often check the junction of thermal break aluminum window frame wall, the bridge aluminum doors and windows so easy to make the overall deformation of the frame after long years of using, so doors and windows can not be closed or sealed. So the connection of the loosening screw should be immediately tightened, such as screw feet loose, the application of epoxy strong glue to adjust a small amount of cement.

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